Jiaqi LIU



   Piano Piece   ( 2018 - duration  5'40'' )


   for solo piano






     2 / Dec / 2018

     Tianjin Grand Theatre, Wangtianyang Four-Season World Famous

     Piano Music Concert

     7 / Agu / 2019

     Ehrbarsaal Hall of Prayner Conservatory of Music, Vienna, Austria

     Jiaqi Liu, piano



      Dec / 2018

       Won LAUREAT Prize at Cat. of 18 and Under

       in Serbia XV Donne in Musica International

       Composition Contest.

     Composer's Notes                      


      Gales whistled with sand flying all over the sky in frontier in the depth of winter.

      People living near here had been struggling with the bad environment for

      generations. In spite of the pain of sands hitting in face, they beat trums and blew

      horns in gales piously to pray a good harvest in the coming year and a lasting

      peace.  - JiaqiLiu



     This is truly a virtuosic composition that, if played well by a very skillful pianist,

      could be quite effective on the stage. The music is utmost passionate and exciting.

      The ever-changing harmonies with unstoppable and highly animated flourishes

      and passages of all kinds create a very dramatic and stirring drive. The waves of

      sound rising and falling over and over are quite dazzling and stimulating. Very

      good indeed.

                                                    - Andrey Komanetsky    judge president   2019.1


performed by JiaqiLiu in Four-Season Concert at Tianjin Grand Theatre in 2018

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