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Jiaqi Liu and the score sheet of entrance exams at Central

      Conservatory of Music Middle School in June 2018

He performed in the opening ceremony of Steinway 165th Anniversary - The First Global Steinway's Rare Treasure Collection of Pianos Exhibition.

Studied the piano with distinguished Prof. Yuan Wu


JiaqiLIU was born in 2002. He is a excellent graduate of the prestigious Music School attached to the Central Conservatory of Music (Beijing) as a composition major. During his high school years of 2018-2021, his semester final exam results of Composition, Piano, Music Theory, Harmony, Solfeggio and other professsional subjects were all "A". In addition to the emphasis on the major of composition, he has also specialized in piano performance from young age and received rigorous classical training. Selected by his school, he participated in 2019 Piano Competition of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region Secondary Vocational Art College, organized by Ministry of Education of China. As the only non piano major contestant, he played his own piece Frontier in Gales won the sixth place (second prize) among 60 contestants, which was the best achievement in history of this competition for a non piano major student.

His principal composition teachers include Changyuan Liu (China), Yihan Chen (America), Lucas Richman (America); and piano teachers include Yuan Wu (China) and Tianyang Wang (China). In recent years, his music idea and concepts have also been influenced in seminars with composers Vojna Nesic (Serbia), Matthew Hindson (Australia), Grazia Salvatori (Italy); and with pianist Michael Leuschner (Germany).

His works were described as "truly a virtuosic composition and is utmost passionate and exciting, quite dazzling and stimulating" (jury of US Golden Key Composition Competition) and "your music has a lot of great artistic quality level at which these my sincere congratulations!"(jury of Serbia Donne In Musica International Composition Contest); " I love listen to your music, It's very logical, smart and full of deep meaning and emotions"(George Borisov, Chairman of Golden Key Music Festival).

Jiaqi's recent awards and honors in composition include:

* Fairyland and The Woods were published by T.U.X. People's Music Publishing Co. in the US in 2019; His music is also available at Sheetmusicplus, J.W.Pepper and Midwest Sheet Music.

 * The Aurae of Life for woodwind quintet won the LAUTEATE prize at 17th Donne International Composition Competition and the second prize at Franz Schubert Konservatorium International Composer Competition (2020);

 * Mother Earth for string quartet won the honorable mention prize at 7th Violettes by Becky Youth Music Composition Competition in the US (2020);

 * A Summer Day won the first prize at Cat. Senior International in 2020 US Golden Key Music Festival Piano Composition Competition (2020);

 * The Woods for solo piano was selected as one of the six works entering the final in Call for Score for the 2nd Beijing Fryderyk Chopin International Youth Piano Competition (2019);

  * Fairyland for octet won the second prize in 9th Italy Amigdala International Composition Competition (2019);

  * Frontier in Gales for solo piano won LAUREAT Prize in Serbia XV "Donne in Musica" International Composition Contest (2018);

  * A Clown in Juggling was selected in the program of "ZENE U MUZICI" International Concerts held in Belgrade and Kragujevac (2018).

In the same period, he got awards in well-known piano competitions:

 * The second prize at Professional Group in the Piano Competition of 2019 Secondary Vocational Art Colleges Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region (2019);

 * The gold award in Open Classes group of the 1st Haydn International Piano Competition Beijing-Tianjin region (2018);

 * The third place of group C in the 8th Steinway Youth Piano Competition of Beijing final, advanced to the national final (2017);

 * The first prize in youth group D of "Hummingbird Music Award" of China Youth Piano Competition Beijing area and the second prize in the national final (the first prize was vacant) (2017);

 * The gold award in the Closing Concert of 2017 Beijing Piano Music Festival (2017);

 * The first place in Primary School group of the 18th Beijing Student Art Festival Piano Competition, was awarded honor of "Star of Art" by Beijing Municipal Education Commission (2015).

Jiaqi also participated in international festivals and public activities. In Aug 2019, he attended the "World Composers' Concert" at famous Ehrbar Hall and attended concert "Mozart welcomes the Golden Key Festival winners at His house " at the Bosendorfer Hall at Mozarthaus in Vienna; In Nov 2018, invited by Steinway Piano Asia Pacific Co. Ltd., he attended opening ceremony of Steinway 165th Anniversary - The First Global Steinway's Rare Treasure Collection of Pianos Exhibition. He played his own piece, DongShiShui on "African CHENCHEN Wood" piano for guests and journalists from throughout the world.


Studied composition with famous composer Prof. Changyuan Liu

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